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33 Popular White Kitten Names

October 15, 2018


33 Popular White Kitten Names

Finding great names for kittens or cats can seem overwhelming at first. You want something that’s unique, different, and cute. And it has to be something you won’t get tired of repeating every day for the next fifteen to twenty years. It has to fit your new kitten’s looks, personality, and your lifestyle.

The possibilities are endless. That’s the great thing about naming an animal. There are no boundaries on your creativity. Your feline doesn’t have to fit in on the playground, and no one will make fun of its name if it’s off-the-wall. So go ahead, express yourself.

The first thing to think about with white kitten names is how it will sound. You are going to have to say it a lot, and you don’t want to get tired of it. Also, you want your cat to hear it easily. That’s why many cats have a name with a long vowel sound- they quickly pick up on their name if it has a long vowel.

White kitten names can reflect their appearance and color, and for that reason, you can name them as follows;

    1. Nimbus – just like a white light rain cloud.
    2. Marshmallow – a very white unstained and cuddly kitty.
    3. Cloud– represents the soft and fluffy white fur.
    4. Flower – just like a play on names – “flour” is white.
    5. Cotton – white fur can’t hide in darkness.
    6. Shiro – a Japanese term which means “white.”
    7. Alba – for “white pearl” in Latin.
    8. Finn – meaning “white” in Irish.
    9. Moscato – the delightful white wine.
    10. Galaxy – just like the Milky Way galaxy we live.
    11. Ice T – with a pale coloring, kind of resembles it.

Unique names

    1. Bianca – an Italian word meaning “white.”
    2. Prince/Angel – specifically how they require being taken care of.
    3. Lucy – means learning or light.
    4. Little Man – Cameron Diaz’s white cat.
    5. Lollipop – so charming you could kiss. That’d be a hairball for you.
    6. Garlic – instant from the movie and also the white vegetable.
    7. Simone – Audrey Hepburn’s white kitten.
    8. Toby – meaning “white” in Choctaw.
    9. Malcolm – Mia Farrow’s white kitty.
    10. Hannah Banana – Just because it sounds cute!.
    11. Senior Kittizen – Regis Philbin’s white kitten.

Names based on character

    1. Elsa – the beautiful princess who transforms everything into white and frosty.
    2. Samurai Jack – from a white coat-covering knife-wielding comic character.
    3. Zuri – just the Albanian name for “white.”
    4. Purrfect– Ceelo Green’s modern and fresh white cat.
    5. White Lightning – for the more friskier felines.
    6. Chew-bacca – for those that will chew on anything.
    7. Boo – the kind of cat with a white coat, resembles a ghost.
    8. Patrick Swayze – just in case your kitten likes dirty dancing.
    9. Kilimanjaro – for the white climber cats. Resembling Kilimanjaro’s iconic mountain top.
    10. Coco – just a short form of Coconut, specifically the sweet interior of it.


There is no rush. All of the above names can suit your cat. Get to know your kitten. Spend some time bonding with it and observing it, and in the meantime think how some of these names would fit it.


Katie Cohen is a freelance writer specializing in the subject of feline health and behavior. An avid dog lover and adoring owner of two cats. When she’s not working she loves going to the park with her two Weimaraner’s Lily and Bells
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