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100 Most Popular Unisex Cat Names

April 13, 2018


100 Most Popular Unisex Cat Names

You may not know whether you are getting a male or female cat, or you may just not want to check what your cat is. You can use these unisex names for your cat just to do something different or to make your cat more unique.

Pebbles- This is a good pick for cats with spots on them.

Pickles- This is just a fun name for any kind of cat, but particularly one with spots that reminds you of pickle bumps.

Boots- Use this for cats with markings on their feet that are different from the rest of their legs.

Mittens- This just goes with the boots motif from the last name.

Twilight- Here is a perfect name for a jet-black cat.

Ninja- This unisex name has a feminine “a” on the end but has strong male qualities about it.

Cuddles-  Save this for a cat that likes to be held.

Cosmo- If your cat is a bit spaced out, then go with this one.

Stardust- Here is another space-y name for your cat.

Dusty- Darker or brownish cats could warrant a name like this.

Dusky- This is good for dark cats as well.

Biscuit- This is simply a cute name for any cat.

Butterscotch- If your cat is golden brown, then you may want to choose this one.

Cheetah- A perfect name for spotted cats.

Spotty- Another great spotted cat name.

Speckles- This is yet another spotted cat title that we love.

Ebony- Use this if your cat is black.

Eskimo- This is a good one for fluffy or white cats.

Frosty- Here is another good choice for white cats.

Snowflake- Beautiful white cats deserve beautiful names.

Moonbeam- A cat with white or yellow in its fur could use a name like this.

Jazzy- This is a nice choice for energetic cats, just like jazz music is often full of energy.

Skippy- High energy cats need a fitting name.

Klondike- Similar to Eskimo, this is a good pick for cats that are white or fluffy or both.

Lightning- You could choose a powerful name like this for your cat.

Lunar- Lighter colored cats may go great with a name like this that means having to do with the moon.

Mocha- Brownish cats might remind you of coffee and be just as comforting.

Cocoa- Here is another good one for brown cats.

Nova- Pick this far out name for your awesome cat.

Phantom- If your cat is stealthy and mysterious, then this may be a good choice.

Pongo- This is a fun and whimsical name for a family pet.

Q-Tip- Cats with a bit of white on their tail could use a unique name like this.

Smokey- Cats with grey or black in their fur could have this cool name.

Stormy- Weather names are often good picks for cats.

Cloudy- Here is a great one for grey cats.

Tiger- Save this for a ferocious or striped cat.

Tattoo- This name has a darker, more severe air to it, and it is a good choice for cats with markings in their fur.

Em- Save this one for tabby cats that have an “M” on their forehead.

Velvet- Cats with a beautiful, sleek coat of dark fur may benefit from a name like this.

Zippy- Your speedy cat needs an appropriate name.

Scamper- This is a decent pick for a high energy cat.

Panther- Dark cats can benefit from a strong name like this one.

Sage- Does your cat seems wise and mysterious? This this may be a good choice.

Polka- Here is a fun one to end the list with. It’s named after the dance that was all the rage a few decades ago, and it’s a nice pick for cats with spots.

Turtle- We had to include this obvious tortoiseshell name.

Ember- Similar to ash, this one is ideal for dark cats with bits of orange or red.

Marbles- This is a cute name for spotted and speckled cats.

Pebbles- You can pick this whimsical name for cats with spots or varied markings.

Pickles- This one is just very cute and fun.

Mittens- If your cat has different colored feet from the rest of its legs, then this is a great name.

Boots- Here is an alternative for Mittens.

Tiptoe- This is another variation on the Mittens theme.

Mocha- The cat’s coloring could remind you of coffee.

Checkers- This is a good one for cats with all sorts of markings on them.

Pepper- You can choose this for spotted cats.

Ninja- A good one for darker cats.

Pumpkin- A good choice for cats with orange bits.

Rorschach- Named after the psychological test that uses ink blots.

Flame-  Let’s finish with this powerful name that’s ideal for cats with orange or red on their fur.

Serge- This unique name means doting or attendant.

Sylvain- This is another odd name that can give your cat real character, and it means forest.

Paris- This unisex name comes from the capital city of France.

Marcelle- For the fiercer cats, you can choose this name, meaning warlike.

Blaise- This name doubles as a homonym for Blaze, which is perfect for red or orange cats.

Brette- This comes from a word meaning someone from Britain, and it has a strong sound to it and notes of femininity as well.

Dacey- This name means from the South.

Dax- This French name means water, but you could use it to name your cat after the Star Trek character.

Garnet- It means a pomegranate seed.

Garland- It can mean either wreath or prize, and what cat is not the latter?

Hyacinth- Save this name for any beautifully colored cats, after the beautiful flower.

Harmony- Taken from the French word Harmon for nobility.

Honore- This lovely sounding word means honor.

Peppin- This whimsical sounding name simply means one who asks or petitions.

Philippe- Most people know that this means lover of horses in French

Bacio- This means kiss in Italian.

Moon Shadow- Two-word names can be being more evocative and exotic.

Salem- This associates the cat with the town where witches were known to have resided.

Voodoo- Mysticism makes for a great cat name, and this one works well for male or female cats.

Raven- This unisex name has an unearthly quality to it as well, since ravens are often seen as mystic creatures.

Omen- This mystic name is ideal for when you want your cat’s name to have a sense of danger about it.

Onyx- The dark stone is a perfect namesake for any black cat.

Jet- Once again, the connotations of black make this a good namesake.

Blackberry- This is a bit more whimsical than some other other distinctly black names.

Inky- The darker your cat, the better this name fits.

Licorice- Is your cat sweet and dark? Then this is a good choice.

Ash- It not only describes the cat’s color, but also serves as a very human name for your pet.

Charcoal- Often the best unisex names are ones that descried things rather than work as actual human names.

Eclipse- The idea of magic and darkness are combined in this name.

Fate- This ominous name is suitable for darker cats for sure.

Siri- In Nigerian, this strong name means tiger.

Ugo- Eagles are called this name in Nigeria, and it’s a great pick for a regal cat.

Abasi- This is a name that means serious in the Egyptian language.

Goya- This is a South African name meaning wild cat.

Cuddles- You could choose an ironic name for your wild cat.

Midnight- This is a good pick for darker cats.

Shadow- Here is another good option for dark cats.

Ninja- This stealthy warrior name is a good pick for male and female cats.

Samurai- Here is another warrior name (from Japan this time) that is a unique and fitting name for wilder cats.

Falcon- If your cat is a natural hunter, then you could name it after one of the great hunting birds.

Raptor- Or, you could name it after a vicious but intelligent hunting dinosaur.

Kittysaurus- On the dinosaur theme, this is a good pick for larger cats.

Anatoly- This means sunrise in the Russian language

Ziggy- You could choose an offbeat name for your unique wild cat.

Stripey- It’s a good pick for cats with tiger stripes on them.

That was our list of the top unisex names, and there are, of course, tons more. We hope one of these tickled your fancy and gave you some good ideas as to what you want to call your cat.

Katie Cohen is a freelance writer specializing in the subject of feline health and behavior. An avid dog lover and adoring owner of two cats. When she’s not working she loves going to the park with her two Weimaraner’s Lily and Bells
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