21 Interesting Must Know Facts About Tabby Cats

September 23, 2018


21 Interesting Must Know Facts About Tabby Cats

The tabby is a truly majestic creature. Despite its fierce exterior, it has a warm and loving personality if treated well.

Before you consider adopting a pet cat, read on to discover what types of interesting features make tabbies stand out from the rest of its feline brethren.

  1. Tabby Cats Do Not Belong To any Single Cat Genus

Contrary to popular belief, tabbies are not actually a single cat breed. In fact, the term “tabby cat” is used to refer to any domestic cat that has markings such as swirls, spots, stripes or other patterns and so on.

The tabby is not a breed rather a type of cat.

  1.  The Name Tabby Has Roots in Baghdad

The name tabby emerged from a comparison of the cat to a silk taffeta fabric. The silk had an irregular, undulating finish hence the comparison. The name of the silk is from the place it was originated Al-Attabiya (Baghdad).

  1.  They Have Flamboyant Personas

Ever noticed popular media stereotype cats as cold, unemotional jerks? Fortunately, with tabbies, you won’t be able to relate.

Tabbies exhibit a range of emotions whether it’s happiness, sadness, anger, or sadness. They are very expressive creatures so you’ll easily know if they want company or not.  This way you’ll never confuse your cat’s intentions.

  1.  They are Predatory in Nature

tabby cats

Tabbies have deep-rooted predatory instincts. If you live in rodent-infested areas, get a tabby! They are relentless in the pursuit of their prey.

Unfortunately, you may have to suffer some visually unappealing scenes of torture. These cats love toying with their prey.

Don’t be frightened though when your cat tries to show off his hard work. Tabbies believe it is a sign of completing their duty and just want your approval.

Additionally, if you wish to avoid witnessing the aforementioned scenes, place mouse traps in places where your cat won’t find them.

  1.  They are Familial Creatures

Tabbies are known to form large families in nature. They live together with other cats and share resources with each other. As a consequence of this, they have a very caring nature.

This trait is displayed even in domestic households where tabbies can share food with other animals out of generosity.

  1.  They are Extremely Passionate about Scratching Any Surface

Cats need to keep their claws sharpened. However, using your curtains to do that is not ideal.

It’s important that you take the time to train your cat from the beginning to not scratch furniture, walls or curtains.

Instead, try buying a scratch post and reorient your cat to the post whenever he needs to do some scratching. Let him know that scratching on other surfaces won’t be tolerated!

  1.  They Like to Put Your Ownership to the Test

Tabbies are bossy thanks to their ingrained dominating, feline nature.

However, you can prevent this by establishing your ownership from the beginning.

Although, your cat may try usurping your right as boos, stay firm and always be consistent.

  1.  They are Outgoing

Tabbies are friendly, homely cats. They’re amiable to the members of their family and enjoy the company of other animals of the household as well.

Because of their expressive nature, tabbies are the perfect companion for owners who want a cat that can understand them or share in on the joys of their experiences.

  1.  They are Territorial

Territorial behavior in domesticated animals can be annoying especially when that territory involves your bed.

Accidentally kicking your curled up cat from the edge of your bed spells disaster for both you and your sleep.

Establish boundaries and properly train your cat. Let it understand that some places are off-limits.

Additionally, provide it with comfortable lodgings of its own to ensure that it won’t start eyeing your bed for its next conquest.

  1.  They are Very Amusing to Watch

tabby cat fun facrs

Being a domestic cat, tabbies don’t have much to do throughout the day and this results in elevated boredom levels.

Tabbies will do everything and anything to stave off boredom and that’s what makes them so entertaining.

If it’s interesting enough to catch its attention, your cat will spend doing it for hours. Place a paper bag on the floor or direct laser light on to any surface and let the fun begin.

  1.  They Despise Filth

Tabbies cannot stand the noxious smells of filth emitted by overflowing litter boxes and will refuse to use them. Invest in a high-quality litter box for your cat and clean it regularly.

Tabbies are religious about personal hygiene to the extent that they will lick their coats even after a washing.

This puts them at risk of having huge hairballs in their stomach. Ensure that their diet contains enough oils so they can pass it on to their feces.

  1.  They Love Playing Detective

Tabbies are inquisitive creatures and can often be found snooping into every nook and cranny of the house. Because of their flexibility, they can squeeze their bodies into most spaces.

Now, this can get dangerous if space is too narrow and your cat gets stuck. Make sure to kitten-proof your home to avoid this occurrence.

  1.  They Enjoy Pulling Stunts to Scare You

There’ll be instances where your cat may try to frighten you by pulling off hazardous stunts.

Your cat may randomly wake you by crawling in and out of crockeries, pots, and pans at 3 a.m in the night. Although this can be very unpleasant, you can train your cat not to prowl on kitchen counters.

  1.  They Need Pet Taxis for Travel Safety

Traveling with pets can get dangerous. Pets virtually never sit still and tabbies being curious will constantly move around to explore.

Your tabby may see an open window and decide that the park ahead seems far more interesting. It can be life-threatening if your cat tries to jump out of a moving car.

If you ever take your cat outside, it’s highly suggested that you hire a pet taxi to ensure maximum comfort and safety for your cat.

  1.  They Demand Attention

tabby cat life

If your tabby needs attention, expect it to do everything in its feline powers to grab hold of your attention. They can be extremely needy when it comes to fulfilling their need for affection and attention.

Tabbies are possessive and do get resentful if their owner spends too much time away from them.

  1.  They Possess a Range of Coat Colors

From oranges to greys to black, tabby fur is blessed with stunning colors which when combined with unique patterns give every cat a different look. The patterns include dots, swirls, V-shaped markings and so on.

  1.  Even Spots Can Dot Their Fur

Some cat breeds have the look of a ferocious wildcat. This creates an intense, exotic look which will make your cat turn heads everywhere they go.

If you’re looking into purchasing these kinds of cats, you can research more about the Ocicat breed. However, purchasing the aforementioned cats can be a little pricey.

  1.  There is a Variety of Tabby Cats that is Named Mackerel

Some tabbies possess markings that resemble the skeleton of the mackerel fish hence its name. This variety of tabby is quite uncommon.

  1.  Some Tabbies Have Fur that Gleams under Sunlight

The fur of the Abyssinian or Agouti Tabbies consists of colors that are iridescent under the sun. The result is a stunning coat befitting a spectacular creature such as the tabby.

  1.  Some Tabbies Possess Tortoise Shell Patterns on Their Striped Fur

tabby cats coat

The fur of these tabbies resemble the spotted markings found on a tortoiseshell. They have conspicuous red and brown sections of fur on the face, head, and neck.

  1.  They are encircled by Myth

The intense gaze of some tabbies which look as if they were lined by kohl bears resemblance to the Egyptian entity called the “Eye of Ra”.

Furthermore, the markings on its forehead seem to spell out the letter ‘M’.

Coincidence? I don’t think so.


Tabby cats are gorgeous furry friends to have to experience the delights of life. They’re emotional, expressive, loving, caring and just so just beautiful to behold. So, what are you waiting for? Get one soon already!

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