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101 Tabby Cat Names

October 24, 2018


101 Tabby Cat Names

Male Tabby Cat Names

Leopard- You could name your cat after the ferocious jungle animal.

Wolf-  Your feisty cat may remind you of the woodland hunter.

Lion- Is your cat an aspiring king of the jungle?

Leo- This is another word meaning lion.

Panther- Here is a great pick for black or dark cats.

Kameko- Exotic names, like this Japanese name for superior child, are great for wild cats.

Ulrich- This is a Russian word meaning ruling wolf.

Hans- Here is a German name meaning a gift from God.

Ivan- This Czech name means graciousness.

Shere Khan- This fierce tiger from The Jungle Book is a great name for your wild cat.

King- This has an exotic and regal connotation to it- perfect for wild cats.

Lencho- In both Ethiopian and Kenyan, this name means lion, perfect for a fierce cat.

Bear- Strong animal names work well for exotic and wild male cats.

Sabre- This is the name of a curved Persian sword.

Fang- What could be better for a ferocious cat?

Abel- This strong name means breath.

Albert- It means noble and bright.

Norris- The name means northerner, and it’s also the name of the world’s toughest man- Chuck Norris.

Norm- This is very similar to Norris, in that it also means from the North.

Saber- This French word means sword, which is ideal for cats that like to claw at everything.

Soren- Loud or powerful cats can use a name like this that means thunder.

Byron- It simply means from a cottage, but it is also the name of a noted writer.

Burrell- Pick this for red or orange cats, as it means reddish.

Daniel- This Hebrew name adopted by many French people means that God is their judge.

Percival- The name of a knight that also mean piercing, like your cat’s claws.

Prewitt- This cute name means a brave, small creature.

Verdun- It means a green hill, as it is perfect for cats with green eyes.

Valiant- Of course, this name means brave, as your cat probably is.

Victor- It’s a lovely name in its own right, and it means conqueror.

FeMale Tabby Cat Names

sis- The cat goddess is an icon of Egyptian mythology and the most well-known Egyptian cat name.

Bastet- The Egyptian goddess of fertility and motherhood.

Pakhet- It means she who scratches.

Menhit- She was an Egyptian warrior goddess.

Sekhmet- This was the name of a lioness who was also a valiant warrior.

Aisha- This Egyptian name means peaceful.

Aziza- This means precious.

Cleopatra- Why not name your cat after the most famous queen of Egypt ever?

Hebony- This is a perfect name for a black cat, as it means black in Egyptian.

Nefertiti- This famous Egyptian ruler had a perfect name for a regal cat.

Nebit- This name means that your cat is like a leopard.

Kepi- For those cats that have a temper, this name meaning tempestuous could be a perfect fit.

Hasina- The name means “good”, and it’s ideal for sweet cats.

Dalila- Here is another name for sweet felines, as it means just that- sweet.

Kamilah- This name means perfect, and what cat isn’t?

Katana – a type of sword used by the samurais.

Delilah – a biblical figure known for hunting.

Nyan – based on the Nyan Cat video on Youtube.

Nala  -Simba’s friend in “The Lion King”.

Kamilah – if your cat was not already perfect. You can name it ”perfect” in Egyptian.

Unisex Tabby Cat Names

Nile- You could name your cat after the country’s longest and most important river.

Nomti- This name means strong.

Rasui- It means dreamer, and is perfect if your cat is always sleeping.

Wati- This name means rebellious.

Shalam- This is actually an Egyptian greeting.

Nafre- This name means good in Egyptian.

Shushu- We like this because it means boastful in Egyptian, but it is also what you might say to your cat if it is bothering you.

Biscuit- This is simply a cute name for any cat.

Butterscotch- If your cat is golden brown, then you may want to choose this one.

Cheetah- A perfect name for spotted cats.

Spotty- Another great spotted cat name.

Speckles- This is yet another spotted cat title that we love.

Ebony- Use this if your cat is black.

Eskimo- This is a good one for fluffy or white cats.

Frosty- Here is another good choice for white cats.

Snowflake- Beautiful white cats deserve beautiful names.

Moonbeam- A cat with white or yellow in its fur could use a name like this.

Jazzy- This is a nice choice for energetic cats, just like jazz music is often full of energy.

Skippy- High energy cats need a fitting name.

Klondike- Similar to Eskimo, this is a good pick for cats that are white or fluffy or both.

Lightning- You could choose a powerful name like this for your cat.

Lunar- Lighter colored cats may go great with a name like this that means having to do with the moon.

Mocha- Brownish cats might remind you of coffee and be just as comforting.

Cocoa- Here is another good one for brown cats.

Nova- Pick this far out name for your awesome cat.

Phantom- If your cat is stealthy and mysterious, then this may be a good choice.

Pongo- This is a fun and whimsical name for a family pet.

Q-Tip- Cats with a bit of white on their tail could use a unique name like this.

Smokey- Cats with grey or black in their fur could have this cool name.

Stormy- Weather names are often good picks for cats.

Cloudy- Here is a great one for grey cats.

Tiger- Save this for a ferocious or striped cat.

Tattoo- This name has a darker, more severe air to it, and it is a good choice for cats with markings in their fur.

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