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55 Best Siamese Kitten Names

October 14, 2018


55 Best Siamese Kitten Names

So, you’ve taken the plunge and now you have a Siamese kitten to call your own! This wonderful breed is the ultimate when it comes to loyalty. It won’t be long before you fall in love with their intelligent, frisky nature. Ideally, you’ve had some time to get to know your kitten before coming here looking for some great name suggestions. If you’re lost and come up with any nice idea, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are 55 fun, unique and interesting Siamese kitten names that suit this Breed’s qualities down to a tee.

Names Based on Your Kittens Character

  1. Bolt – Inspired by the fastest man in the world for a quick nimble kitten.
  2. Gypsy – An adventurous name for your Siamese that wonders off to explore often.
  3. Soprano– For the singing cat. An Italian name for a female that sings in the choir’s highest pitch.
  4. Tickles –For the kitten that enjoys being scratched and tickled.
  5. Thunder – Great for a cat with spunk that has a bold, confident presence.
  6. Prince / Princess –For the kitten that loves to be adored and admired.
  7. Frisky – An obvious choice for a playful Siamese that loves to get out and about.
  8. Holiday – For a laid-back kitten who doesn’t mind lounging around with you all day.
  9. Bud – Great name for a male kitten who is a great companion and ultra-loyal.
  10. Einstein – When your kitten seems ultra-intelligent above the norm of this smart breed.
  11. Maverick –For the kitten that has a bit of an independent wild streak.
  12. Mischief –The name says it all. A feline friend that loves to get into trouble and explore.
  13. Houdini –The best name for a cat that somehow always finds a way to escape.

Movie Names

  1. Thor – The Greek God and Marvel Comics character for a strong athletic cat with spirit.
  2. Simba – For a lighter seal point Siamese to match the look of this cute Lion King cub.
  3. Garfield –The famous cat with human-like wit is a fun name.
  4. Maximus –For a tough, gritty Siamese like the epic character in the movie Gladiator.
  5. Callisi – For the Game of Thrones fans who have a beautiful light-colored Siamese Kitten with those penetrating blue eyes.
  6. Minion – A name that oozes cuteness and loyalty like these adorable Despicable Me movie characters.
  7. Neo – A dark mysterious name that would suit a sci-fi loving owner like the character from the movie The Matrix.
  8. Wolverine – For a kitten that’s feisty and spirited like this super-powered character.
  9. Leia – A very feminine name for a soft-natured female Siamese kitten like this Star Wars princess.
  10. Katniss – A nice fit for an independent, spirited kitten like the Hunger Games star.
  11. Pumba – This lovable Lion King Character is good inspiration for your chubby kitten.

Names by Color / Breed Type

  1. Kit-Kat – For your chocolate-point Siamese, an iconic chocolate bar everyone loves.
  2. Coco – Another cute name for a chocolate-point Siamese.
  3. Ocean – For the kitten with extra big blue eyes.
  4. Azure –This beautiful shade of blue is a beautiful name for a blue-point Siamese.
  5. Nile – After the Blue Nile flower for a blue-point Siamese.
  6. Lavender – A gorgeous purple flower that would fit a lilac-point
  7. Cloud – If your kitten has a very light fur coat, this is a super-cute name.
  8. Polar – Another name for a kitten with a beautiful light white coat, just like a polar bear.

Names by Appearance

  1. Bear – The perfect name for your oversized Siamese kitten that’s large and lovable.
  2. Twigs – A charming name for you ultra-lean Siamese kitten.
  3. Frodo – The famous pint-sized hobbit is a great name choice if your kitten is on the tiny side.
  4. Eskimo – If you love to leave your kittens fur long and fluffy.
  5. Chubbs – When your Siamese kitten just loves a gourmet meal.
  6. Mittens – For your seal-point Siamese kitten with extra dark color on its paws.
  7. Shadow – Another great name for a seal point that has a mysterious personality and dark shading.
  8. Fox –A great name for your Siamese kitten if its ears are on the tall side and always alert.
  9. Tank –For a stocky Siamese that just seems to weigh a ton.

Names with Interesting Meanings

  1. Gaius – Means “to rejoice”.
  2. Alle –Means “loyal protector, defender, helper”
  3. Halena –Means “light, brightness or shining one.”
  4. Jondi –Means “loyal, sincere friend.”
  5. Bodhi –The tree that Buddha sat beneath to become enlightened.
  6. Alessandra –Means “defender of mankind”.
  7. Mathias –Means “gift of God.”
  8. Taj –Means “crown, or exalted.”
  9. Laszlo –Means a “glorious leader.”
  10. Kenji –Means “Intelligent strong and vigorous.”

Other Popular Names

  1. Smoky – Denotes the unique coloring of the Siamese breed.
  2. Sammi – An easy-going name for a great friend.
  3. Kitty – A short nickname for a kitten.
  4. Blue – An obviously popular name for the intense blue eyes of this breed.


Katie Cohen is a freelance writer specializing in the subject of feline health and behavior. An avid dog lover and adoring owner of two cats. When she’s not working she loves going to the park with her two Weimaraner’s Lily and Bells
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