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Awesome Names for Kittens with Mustaches

October 14, 2018


Awesome Names for Kittens with Mustaches

Naming a cat can be based on its appearance, since it takes some time to get to know its personality. One of the most endearing and probably amusing quirks that some cats have is a mustache. Some girl cat mustache name may look like a faint white line, while others can seem really full and may curl up and extend to the chin. Cat lovers around the world struggle to think of names for tuxedo cats that give justice to their lovable feline friends, so the following names are dedicated to those in search of a fun name. Some of the more humorous, unique and funny ones, while others can be more descriptive. Let’s start with names of popular people such as actors and Other well known figures:

Black cat with white mustache names

1. Charlie Chaplin– A great name if the cat also has a quirky walk similar to that of the beloved actor with a funny mustache.
2. Flynn– A tribute to the actor Errol Flynn, is great for a cat with a slim, straight mustache.
3. Rollie Fingers- Was a baseball player that rocked a handlebar mustache.
4. Wyatt Earp- A name to consider when naming your cat with a full mustache.
5-6. Selleck- A tribute to Tom Selleck and his gorgeous mustache. You might also like Magnum.
7. Frank Zappa- Another name for a mustachioed feline. The guy had both a mustache and a small beard under his lower lip.
8-9. Theodore Roosevelt- and any variation of his name (Teddy is an example) is also a good suggestion for a cat’s name.
10-11. Marley – a tribute to the singer Bob Marley. This name is suitable for a cat with a pronounced beard on its chin and a thin one on his upper lip. A variation for this is Bob ‘Miao’rley.
12-15. The Beatles- Talk about a band that went through a mustached phase that was well received by fans. You can name your cat either John, Paul, George or Ringo, depending on who your cat looks like the most.
16-17. Robert Downey Jr.-  Was already popular in the 90’s but his role as Iron Man cemented his fame. Iron Man might also be a name you fancy for your cat.
18. Hercule Poirot-  Is the titular detective in a mystery series. He sported a thin mustache popular during that time.
19. Einstein-  Had a salt and pepper mustache and will be a great name for a smart cat.
20-21. Groucho or Marx– just like the comedian.
22. Salvador Dali- Was an eccentric, Spanish artist with a thin pointy mustache.
23. Bono (Sonny Bono) – another fun name for a musical cat.
24. Hulk Hogan- Had a mustache that he sported his entire career.
25. Yanni- If you are a Yanni fan, you might like to consider this name for your feline friend.
28-30. Porthos, Athos and Aramis-  Are names of the 3 musketeers who sported mustaches.
31. Cat-ro- Is a name referring to Fidel Castro.
32. Fu Manchu- Was a criminal with a long, narrow mustache.
Some Other Fun Names
33. Broomy- Refers to the broom-like appearance of some mustaches.
34-36. Tache- A shortened version similar to Tash or Taz.
37. El Macho- is a humorous reference to a character in Despicable Me 2 who also had a mustache.
38. Barbatulous is a word that describes a small beard and might be fitting name for your kitten.
39-40. Licky or Lickity- Split may refer to your kitten’s markings.
41. Whiskerella- Will be great for a female cat with mustache markings.
42-43. Whiskers, Whiskit- Gives tribute to the facial markings of your kitten.
44. Swiffer- A cute name for a mustached cat.
45-46. Gramps or Grandad- Can be used for older cats with markings like a mustache.
47. Oreo- is a great name for a black and white cat with a mustache.
48. Handlebar- is a kind of mustache that can be used to name your kitten.
49. Curly- Can be a nice name for a cat with a mustache that curls around the upper lip.
50. Smackers- Can best describe a voracious kitten with distinctive markings around the lips.
51. Smiley- is a cheerful name for a kitten with a lip curling mustache, that looks just like… You guessed it 🙂
52. Batman- A name for a kitten with a batman-like mustache below the nose.
53. Walrus- may be big but it can also be used to name your mustachioed kitty.
54.Kaiser- for the emperor of Germany.

Katie Cohen is a freelance writer specializing in the subject of feline health and behavior. An avid dog lover and adoring owner of two cats. When she’s not working she loves going to the park with her two Weimaraner’s Lily and Bells
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