45 Best Halloween Cat Names

Cats are closely associated with Halloween, particularly black cats. If you want a spooky or magical name for your cat, then this list of 45 should give you some great ideas.


Jack-o-Lantern- You could just shorten the name of the Halloween decoration to just Jack if you like.

Goblin- It’s a fierce creature name for a fierce cat.

Gremlin- This little mischief-maker is a good namesake for troublemaking cats.

Shadow- Your cat may creep along like a silent shadow at times.

Wolf- These fierce creatures are connected to Halloween and all its spookiness.

Dracula- What could be spookier than the lord of the vampires?

Jekyll- Does your cat have a split personality like this literary figure?

Reaper- You could go for full spookiness with the grim reaper’s name.

Wizard- Here is a magical name for your male cat.

Warlock- It pretty much means the same thing as wizard, but it sounds more unique.

Bones- This name makes your cat seem like a creepy Halloween skeleton.

Fang- This is a good one for fierce cats.

Ash- The remnants of fires make for a spooky cat name.

Blade- This has got to be the coolest name you could pick for your cat.

Eclipse- When the sun is blocked out, it creates a spooky effect.



Luna- The Spanish word for moon has connotations of spookiness.

Witch- This one is perfect if you secretly suspect your cat is doing magic.

Buffy- The vampire slayer makes a great namesake for your cat.

Raven- The Halloween bird could be the same dark color as your cat.

Sabrina- The TV witch is about as magical as they come.

Cruella- Black and white cats could benefit from the name of the classic Disney villain.

Carrie- The creepy Stephen King character may be a good name for orange and red cats.

Pixie- This is a lighter, more whimsical magic name for a cat.

Licorice- You may want to name a black or red cat with this one.

Morticia- You could pick the name of the Addam’s Family matriarch.

Medusa- This mythical creature could turn people to stone with a look.

Isabella- You could go with the female lead of the Twilight saga.

Cinnamon- This Halloween spice is a super name for cats with some brown or red in them.

Charming- Your cat could be casting a spell or a charm, so to speak, by just being so adorable and charming.

Astra- This name brings to mind stars and spiritual creatures.



Spirit- This one isn’t too scary and has just the right of magic to it for most cat lovers.

Boo- It’s both a loving name and a ghostly sound.

Wraith- This ghost-like creature has a fitting name for quiet cats.

Marshmallow- You could name your cat after the Halloween treat.

Pumpkin- This is another Halloween staple that makes for a good cat name.

Midnight- This quiet time of night makes for a good name for dark cats.

Dusk- This dark time of day is ideal as a cat name.

Maple- Those fall leaves look brilliant and are perfect for cats of any color.

Spice- Every Halloween needs a bit of spice.

Nutmeg- This is the quintessential Halloween spice.

Kit Cat- You could name your cat after the classic candy bar that is often passed out during Halloween.

Salem- The town associated with witches is ideal for dark cats.

Noir- This French word means dark.

Tarot- That’s the fortunetelling card used by witches and wizards.

Moonlight- This is a good name for white or grey cats.


Did one of those names jump out at you as the perfect Halloween-themed cat name? We sure hope so, and you can find more great cat names by looking at our other lists.

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