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35 Most Popular French Cat Names

April 13, 2018


35 Most Popular French Cat Names

French names have such a beautiful sound to them, and they are perfect for dainty, sophisticated and beautiful felines. Here are our top picks, including male, female and unisex choices.

Male French Cat Names

Abel- This strong name means breath.

Albert- It means noble and bright.

Norris- The name means northerner, and it’s also the name of the world’s toughest man- Chuck Norris.

Norm- This is very similar to Norris, in that it also means from the North.

Saber- This French word means sword, which is ideal for cats that like to claw at everything.

Soren- Loud or powerful cats can use a name like this that means thunder.

Byron- It simply means from a cottage, but it is also the name of a noted writer.

Burrell- Pick this for red or orange cats, as it means reddish.

Daniel- This Hebrew name adopted by many French people means that God is their judge.

Percival- The name of a knight that also mean piercing, like your cat’s claws.

Prewitt- This cute name means a brave, small creature.

Verdun- It means a green hill, as it is perfect for cats with green eyes.

Valiant- Of course, this name means brave, as your cat probably is.

Victor- It’s a lovely name in its own right, and it means conqueror.

William- Pick this for your cat that is a little protector to the house and wards off strangers, as this name means protector.


Female French Cat Names

Emma- It means universal and is great for tabby cats that often have an “m” on their forehead.

Adele- Named after the famous contemporary singer.

Natalie- This name means born at Christmastime.

Noelle- It’s another lovely Christmas name.

Simone- This is a really cool name for a female cat that means to be heard.

Nacisse- This lovely name means daffodil.

Mabelle- Is your cat lovable? If so, then choose this name that means just that.

Magnolia- As you may know, this is the name of a flowering tree common in France.

Margot- This common name means pearl in French.

Marvel- It’s not just the name of the biggest superhero company, but also the French word for miracle.

Mistique- Can you find a better name for a cat than this word meaning mystery.

Babette- It means stranger, but the word itself sounds so much cuter than that.

Blondelle- As you might suspect, this name means blonde or golden-haired.

Bonny- Of course, this well-known French word means pretty, and what cat isn’t?

Darcy- This lovely name means fortress.


Unisex French Cat Names

Serge- This unique name means doting or attendant.

Sylvain- This is another odd name that can give your cat real character, and it means forest.

Paris- This unisex name comes from the capital city of France.

Marcelle- For the fiercer cats, you can choose this name, meaning warlike.

Blaise- This name doubles as a homonym for Blaze, which is perfect for red or orange cats.

Brette- This comes from a word meaning someone from Britain, and it has a strong sound to it and notes of femininity as well.

Dacey- This name means from the South.

Dax- This French name means water, but you could use it to name your cat after the Star Trek character.

Garnet- It means a pomegranate seed.

Garland- It can mean either wreath or prize, and what cat is not the latter?

Hyacinth- Save this name for any beautifully colored cats, after the beautiful flower.

Harmony- Taken from the French word Harmon for nobility.

Honore- This lovely sounding word means honor.

Peppin- This whimsical sounding name simply means one who asks or petitions.

Philippe- Most people know that this means lover of horses in French


There you have our picks for the best French names for your cat. Did you find one that strikes your fancy as the best name for your new feline friend? We hope so.


Katie Cohen is a freelance writer specializing in the subject of feline health and behavior. An avid dog lover and adoring owner of two cats. When she’s not working she loves going to the park with her two Weimaraner’s Lily and Bells
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