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Exotic Cat Names

April 17, 2018


Exotic Cat Names

Do you have a cat that is particularly ferocious and territorial? Then you might want to choose one of these wild cat names we have collected. You’ll find picks here for male and female cats, as well as a bunch of unisex names.

Exotic Names For Males

Abel- This strong name means breath.

Albert- It means noble and bright.

Norris- The name means northerner, and it’s also the name of the world’s toughest man- Chuck Norris.

Norm- This is very similar to Norris, in that it also means from the North.

Saber- This French word means sword, which is ideal for cats that like to claw at everything.

Soren- Loud or powerful cats can use a name like this that means thunder.

Byron- It simply means from a cottage, but it is also the name of a noted writer.

Burrell- Pick this for red or orange cats, as it means reddish.

Daniel- This Hebrew name adopted by many French people means that God is their judge.

Percival- The name of a knight that also mean piercing, like your cat’s claws.

Prewitt- This cute name means a brave, small creature.

Verdun- It means a green hill, as it is perfect for cats with green eyes.

Valiant- Of course, this name means brave, as your cat probably is.

Victor- It’s a lovely name in its own right, and it means conqueror.

William- Pick this for your cat that is a little protector to the house and wards off strangers, as this name means protector.

Leopard- You could name your cat after the ferocious jungle animal.

Wolf-  Your feisty cat may remind you of the woodland hunter.

Lion- Is your cat an aspiring king of the jungle?

Leo- This is another word meaning lion.

Panther- Here is a great pick for black or dark cats.

Kameko- Exotic names, like this Japanese name for superior child, are great for wild cats.

Ulrich- This is a Russian word meaning ruling wolf.

Hans- Here is a German name meaning a gift from God.

Ivan- This Czech name means graciousness.

Shere Khan- This fierce tiger from The Jungle Book is a great name for your wild cat.

King- This has an exotic and regal connotation to it- perfect for wild cats.

Lencho- In both Ethiopian and Kenyan, this name means lion, perfect for a fierce cat.

Bear- Strong animal names work well for exotic and wild male cats.

Sabre- This is the name of a curved Persian sword.

Fang- What could be better for a ferocious cat?

Blaze- Perfect for when your cat has bits of orange or red in its fur.

Copper- Another great name for red or orange hued cats.

Ash- This works well for just about any dark shade of cat.

Cinder- We love the subtly stated strength of this one.

Ebony- We love this strong name for darker cats that means black.

Coal- You can opt for Cole as well, in honor of your cat’s dark coloring.

Jet- This name for a dark jewel is perfect for darker toned cats.

Shadow- It’s another strong name for a darker cat.

Midnight- This is one of our favorites and a true classic.

Tiger- Some tortoiseshell cats have a tabby stripe, and this name is perfect for them.

Verdun- This works with the shades of green a tortoiseshell cat seems to have.

Croc- This is a good pick for cats with muddy coloring.

Muddle- The muddy coloring of royal cat could warrant a fun name like this.

Sable- This is a strong name no matter what color your cat is.

Jupiter- This Roman god is also the name of a planet that looks as muddled as a tortoise cat.

Exotic Names For Females

Peaches- Make it all about the orange coloring with this fun name.

Marigold- You could name your cat after a flower to call out those orange highlights.

Dotty- Pick this one for your cat if it has tabby colorings.

Marmalade- This is a fun name for spotted cats.

Honey- This is one of those sickly-sweet names the tis perfect for a loving cat.

Jewel- No matter what color your cat is, this will be a perfect name.

Faith- The name doesn’t have to be about the color of the cat.

Autumn- Many of the colors of a tortoiseshell cat are autumn colors.

Simone- This is a really cool name for a female cat that means to be heard.

Nacisse- This lovely name means daffodil.

Mabelle- Is your cat lovable? If so, then choose this name that means just that.

Magnolia- As you may know, this is the name of a flowering tree common in France.

Margot- This common name means pearl in French.

Marvel- It’s not just the name of the biggest superhero company, but also the French word for miracle.

Mistique- Can you find a better name for a cat than this word meaning mystery.

Babette- It means stranger, but the word itself sounds so much cuter than that.

Krishna- It means black or dark in Sanskrit.

Priya- The word means love in Sanskrit.

Ambrosia- In Spanish, this means divine.

Ekaterina- In Russian, this word means pure.

Nefirtiti- This is the name of a prominent Egyptian queen.

Sabra- This is an Egyptian name meaning patient, and it sounds a lot like sabre, for your cat’s sharp claws.

Queen- Is your cat queen of the jungle or of your house?

Kamilah- This Egyptian name means perfect.

Lioness- Show everyone how powerful and majestic your cat is by naming her after a female lion.

Twiga- This name that means giraffe in Kiswahili is ideal for longer cats.

Azizi- This one means precious in Egyptian, as your cat probably is to you.

Thalia- In Greek, the name means blooming, and it has a beautiful feminine lilt to it.

Lilja- In Finnish, this is the word for butterfly, which is great for a dainty wild cat.

Amara- In Italian, the word means everlasting, and that’s a good fit for a creature with nine lives.

Bacia- In Italian, this word means kiss.



Turtle- We had to include this obvious tortoiseshell name.

Ember- Similar to ash, this one is ideal for dark cats with bits of orange or red.

Marbles- This is a cute name for spotted and speckled cats.

Pebbles- You can pick this whimsical name for cats with spots or varied markings.

Pickles- This one is just very cute and fun.

Mittens- If your cat has different colored feet from the rest of its legs, then this is a great name.

Boots- Here is an alternative for Mittens.

Tiptoe- This is another variation on the Mittens theme.

Mocha- The cat’s coloring could remind you of coffee.

Siri- In Nigerian, this strong name means tiger.

Ugo- Eagles are called this name in Nigeria, and it’s a great pick for a regal cat.

Abasi- This is a name that means serious in the Egyptian language.

Goya- This is a South African name meaning wild cat.

Cuddles- You could choose an ironic name for your wild cat.

Midnight- This is a good pick for darker cats.

Shadow- Here is another good option for dark cats.

Ninja- This stealthy warrior name is a good pick for male and female cats.

Samurai- Here is another warrior name (from Japan this time) that is a unique and fitting name for wilder cats.

Falcon- If your cat is a natural hunter, then you could name it after one of the great hunting birds.

Raptor- Or, you could name it after a vicious but intelligent hunting dinosaur.

Kittysaurus- On the dinosaur theme, this is a good pick for larger cats.

Anatoly- This means sunrise in the Russian language

Ziggy- You could choose an offbeat name for your unique wild cat.

Stripey- It’s a good pick for cats with tiger stripes on them.

Final Thoughts

We picked out our favorite wild cat names, and you may find others that you like more, but we hope a few of these names give you some good ideas as to what you should call your new cat. If you want to learn more about new exotic cat breed, just visit our friends at the PawsomeKitty

Katie Cohen is a freelance writer specializing in the subject of feline health and behavior. An avid dog lover and adoring owner of two cats. When she’s not working she loves going to the park with her two Weimaraner’s Lily and Bells
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