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Creative Cat Names for Your Kitten

October 22, 2018


Creative Cat Names for Your Kitten

Everyone wants the best name for their little kitten and sometimes it can be a really hard task.The following list provides you with 55 super creative kitten names to make your choice much easier, while any name from this list is quite creative and unusually awesome.

1.Asher-In the bible Jacob’s eighth son Asher was promised a life blessed with abundance.
2.Nomad-A wanderer,adventurous spirit.
3.Ragnarok-The perfect name for a cat that seems to destroy everything in the house.
4.Machu Picchu-Referring to the Incan citadel in Peru.
5.Broom-Hilda-Classic american comic book character.
6.Carbon-Suits perfect for a black one and an Element lover.
7.Casper-Referring to the all’s favorite Ghost from ghost busters.
8.Rhaegar-One of the most epic Game of thrones characters.
9.Drogon-Its funny that you would give your cat the name of a furious dragon.
10.Chariz-The short of charizard one of the most aknowledged and favorite pokemons.
11.Charcoal-Another one for a black or grey cat.
12.Clarinet-Classic musical intrument.
13.Coffee-bean-A cute name for a brown one.
14.Daffy duck-One of our favorites from warner bros.
15.Death-A little furry grim reaper ?!
16.Dusk-The Time between evening and night.
17.Ebon-Cute and funny name for a black or grey one.
18.Elf– Perfect one for a kitten with pointy ears.
19.Enigma-Mysterious and enigmatic Character?That’s the name for him/her.
20.Yolanda-A very strange and surprisingly beautiful name for a female kitten.
21.Mona Lisa-Coming after the painting of Leonardo da Vinci.
22.Foggy– Accurate name for a grey kitten.
23.Gandalf-The famous wizard from Lord of The Rings.
24.Genie-A fantasy figure that pops out of its container if a human rubs it.
25.Ghost-The best match for a white kitten.
26.Hecate– The Greek Goddess of Fertility.
27.Iocaste-Satellite of the planet Jupiter.
28.Inka-Referring to the old Civilization of Incas.
29.Jazz-A famous music genre.
30.Licorice-The root of the plant Glycyrrhiza glabra.
31.Tesla-Very unusual name referring to Nikola Tesla.
32.Lucyfurr-A Cute and very smart name.
33.Merlin-The Wizard of King Arthur.
34.Seymour-Mountain of a canada region,perfect name if you are from canada..or your cat is a mountain.
35.Dracula-Your little kitten might be thinking of becoming a Bloodthirsty Vampire so…
36.Odysseus-From the Greek mythology,One of the smartest heroes.
37.Snowtoes-Ideal for a white one.
38.Tuxedo-Only if your cat wants to attend a wedding or something.
39.Valeera-A Beautifully mysterious name.
40.Voodoo– A technique of dark arts performed usually by exotic tribes.
41.Lecter-Referred to the Famous Hannibal Lecter.
42.Calico-Only for a female cat, as calico coloring are carried only in the XX chromosomes.
43.Purrsia-Perfect for any cat,especially for a persian one.
44.Yin/Yang-If you have 2 cats you cound name yin and yang to restore the balance in your house,
45.Medusa-their look your melt your heart but make you stone.
46.Beatrice-Perfect name for a female cat.
47.Bijou-Jewel or trinket,for an Aristrocratic and elegant cat.
48.Capone-Referring to the old italian mafia leader Al Capone.
49.Chauncy Gardener-From the movie ”Being there”.
50.Chewy-Only if it has chewed up everything in the house.
51.Duntada– Just a straight up strange name.
52.Eartha– As in ”Earth Kitt-en”.
53.Lkaika-Perfect name for a male one as it means ”Brave” in Hawaiian.
54.Obi-wan– May the force be with him.
55.Ukulele-A very cool music instrument, and a very creative name.
56. Attrox – derived from the word atrocity, only for the scariest cats out there.
57. Jigsaw – from the movie Jigsaw, a character that wants to play games all the time… deadly games…
58. Narcissus – from greek mythology referring to someone who loves himself more than other things, in case your kitten keeps staring at the mirror!
59. Rakkaus – means love in Finnish, but in a really ”macho” tone.
60. Colombus – only for the kittens that seem to be discovering new things all the time.
61. Odysseus – Odysseus was said to be the smartest person in the Greek mythology’s universe.
62. Αres – the greek god of war and fighting, if your cat wants to fight that thread you keep moving over its head!
63. Emperor – if your cats looks like an aristocrat.
64. Houdini – for the mysterious type kittens that always seem to be planning something!
65. Zorro – which in Spanish means fox…. really smart and slick creature while so beautiful as well.
66. Lecter – Hannibal Lecter was a flesh eating human but he was one of the smartest as well, perfect for a kitten!
67. Lightning – natural phenomenon of tremendous speed, only for the fastest kittens out there.
68. Chewy – if your little kitten seems to by chewing everything around the house.
69. Hercules – for a kitten that lacks fear and wants to face whatever comes ahead of it.
70. Ice Cube – name your kitty after the well-known badass rapper.

Katie Cohen is a freelance writer specializing in the subject of feline health and behavior. An avid dog lover and adoring owner of two cats. When she’s not working she loves going to the park with her two Weimaraner’s Lily and Bells
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