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Calico Kitten Names

October 25, 2018


Calico Kitten Names

Are you looking for a name for your new furry friend? Finding a name for your kitten may be overwhelming. It is a highly personal issue between you and your pet. Before you rush and choose any cute name, consider something that has a personal meaning. It may relate to your pet’s personality or looks. Lucky for you, we put together a list of great calico kitten names, from really unusual calico cat names to
famous calico cats that will definitely inspire you!

Unusual calico cat names

    1. Confetti – small colored pieces of paper just like your calico kitty.
    2. Rainbow – made up of an array of colors.
    3. Tiger – for a fierce calico.
    4. Autumn – yellow or brown seasonal colors.
    5. Mosaic – calico cats’ furs have different colors like the pattern on a mosaic.
    6. Ginger– classic! Calico cats greatly resemble the orange color on ginger.
    7. Butterscotch – a confectionery made of butter and sugar.
    8. Amber – if your calico has a yellowish tone; this name is associated with a yellowish resin.
    9. Tortoise – this name denotes the pattern of the tortoiseshell that looks an awful lot like your calico.
    10. Nemo– remember the animated movie Finding Nemo? The fish character greatly resembles a calico. It’s even exciting if your cat has the same frisky personality just like him!

Famous calico cats

    1. Monarch– the monarch butterfly has white, black and orange colors. Just like a calico.
    2. Hobbes– the movie cat Hobbes from Calvin and Hobbes who has orange, white and black fur.
    3. Picasso– Especially for black and orange cats when come to think of it, Picasso’s paintings have similar shapes and bright colors just as the Calico cat.
    4. Oriole– the beautiful bird that has similar coloring to that of a calico.
    5. Pumpkin– the name pumpkin has always been a cute one! Even more exciting, it has an orange color, just like your calico.
    6. Boo– calico cats makes us think about the Halloween holiday. Boo sounds like a rad name, doesn’t it?
    7. Candy– what about some Halloween candy?
    8. Patches– this name greatly describes your calico’s fur color pattern.
    9. Marble– the marble effect on a calico’s fur.
    10. Camo– just like the camouflage pattern on the calico’s fur.
    11. Pixel– the small dots on the calico that make up a large beautiful pattern.
    12. Inky– the black patches on a calico resemble ink.

Torbie cat names

    1. Pebbles– how cute is this? Calico’s round patchy coloring can resemble pebbles.
    2. Freckles– we can all agree that the specs on the calico almost look like freckles.
    3. Dot– calico’s may at times have some dots on their fur.
    4. Cheddar– just like the bright colored cheese.
    5. Cheetos– what about a cheesy snack?
    6. Saffron– this is a reddish orange spice.
    7. Sundae– if a calico would magically turn into a dessert, he/she would be a sundae, with lots of chocolate syrup. Yum!
    8. Caramel– just like the beige – orangey colored desert.
    9. Spice- calico’s look like hot spice colors.
    10. Turtle– have you ever had the Turtle desert? It has a combination of chocolate and caramel that resemble the calico’s coloring.

Names for multi colored cats

    1. Amaretto– this name is inspired by the orangey sweet tasting liquor.
    2. Clementine– a cute, sweet tasting orangey fruit.
    3. Snickers– your beloved calico looks just like the combination of caramel, chocolate, peanut and nougat.
    4. Reese– some more candy maybe?
    5. Leaf– what about a leaf in fall? Can have colors that resemble your calico’s fur.
    6. Harvest– the name fits the beautiful, earthy feel of fall.
    7. Ernie– remember the cheerful guy from Sesame Street who was colored black and orange?
    8. Callie– just another fun calico name.
    9. Hallie– short for Halloween holiday. Just imagine your calico dressing up in a orange colored camouflage costume, and going out for trick or treating…
    10. Penny– calicos are sometimes described as good luck charms. Maybe you’ll get lucky winning the lottery after you get a calico? Imagine that!

Names based on Personality

    1. Jasper– jasper stones can resemble the color of a calico.
    2. Iniki– just as like hurricane Iniki. Does your calico storm often around the house?
    3. Cammi– also short for camouflage.
    4. Callerina– spice it up by changing the word “ballerina” for the calico.
    5. Vanila– this represents a calico that has lighter colors.
    6. Vivid– representing sharp transitions of the coloring in calicos.
    7. Toulouse– the orange kitten in the Disney show Aristocrats.
    8. Sweetie– just because calicos can be so sweet.
    9. Cinnamon– cinnamon spice resembles a calico’s color.
    10. Honey– just as sweet and orangey as the calico.
    11. Hallie– cute name for a female calico.
    12. Maple– maple syrup is similar to the calico coloring.
    13. Mystique– calico’s can look mystical, with their specially colored fur coat.

So, whether you’re feeling creative and completely off the wall, or just looking for a sweet name for your adorable calico, rest assure that these names will have you covered!

Katie Cohen is a freelance writer specializing in the subject of feline health and behavior. An avid dog lover and adoring owner of two cats. When she’s not working she loves going to the park with her two Weimaraner’s Lily and Bells
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