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55 Awesome Names for Black and White Cats

October 15, 2018


55 Awesome Names for Black and White Cats

Naming your cat is as important as naming your kid. You’ll want to find a name that fits both their character and their character. With this in mind, here are 55 great black and white kitten names.

1. Sylvester: Remember the famous Looney Toons cat who chased Tweety around?
2. Felis: The most famous cat from the silent film.
3. Figaro: Pinocchio’s cat.
4. Socks: This is the name Chelsea Clinton named her cat.
5. Penguin: Just a fun, sweet name.
6. Puffin: Another sweet looking bird.
7. Zebra: A black and white animal you can name your cat after.
8.Orca: If you have a big cat, here’s a big name for him.
9. Whaley: Thinking along the same lines of a killer whale, how about another whale name?
10. Shamu: Named after the whales from Sea World.
11. Panda: Do you have a cute kitten and want a cute name?
12. Skunk: Does your cat smell?
13. Pepe Le Pew: Dress up the name Skunk and make it a bit more loving with this name.
14. Pongo: Are you a Disney fan? Then why not name your cat after the father of the 101 Dalmations.
15. Snoopy: An ironic name for your cat, even though Snoopy was a dog.
16. Mickey: How funny would it be to name your cat after this famous mouse?
17. Minie: Just in case you like the idea of the name “Mickey,” but have a female kitten.
18. Oreo: A delicious name for a cookie and a cat.
19. Sundae: A sweet, fun name for any cat.
20. Cookie: Thinking about chocolate chip cookies? A combination of light, and dark.
21. Pepper Salt man: Here’s a fun play between two spices – salt and pepper.
22. Spot: If your cat has black and white spots on their fur, this is a cute name for that.
23. Dot: This is a great name for a female cat with spots.
24. Freckles: This is adorable for black and white cats with a freckled pattern.
25. Patches: Does your black and white cat look like he has patches?
26. Inky: This is a great name for a white cat with black markings that look like ink blots.
27. Junior Mint: This candy makes for a cute name for a small, sweet cat.
28. Peppermint Patty: Another classic candy that makes a great name for a sweet girl cat.
29. Tuxe: These suits are typically black and white and you could even call your cat “Tux” for short.
30. Checkers: Any cat who loves to play games would enjoy being named after a classic game.
31. Ying Yang: Does your cat have both a naughty and a nice side?
32. Spade: Here’s a sharp name for a male cat.
33. Cruella: Why not name your naughty black and white female cat after this villain from 101 Dalmations?
34. Charlie Chaplin: This is a name that’s almost synonymous with black and white movies and so well fitting for a black and white cat.
35. Domino: Here’s a fun name for a black and white spotted cat.
36. Keys: We’re thinking about piano keys, which would make this name great for a music lover.
37. Harlequin: Does your cat have a bold diamond print like the name of this design?
38. Jeeves: If you want a sophisticated name, this is it.
39. Bowtie: Similar to the name Tuxedo. Any formally looking felines out there?
40. Butler: Here’s a perfect name for any cat who aims to please.
41. Keyboard: Why not put a more modern spin the the name “Piano?”
42. Dalmation: With all the talk about 101 Dalmations, why not use this name?
43. Eight Ball: Here is a name for anyone who enjoys a great game of pool.
44. Chickadee: If you or your kitten is obsessed with birds, here’s a name for you.
45. Almond Joy: Anyone who enjoys candy will enjoy this sweet cat name.
46. Badger: This is another short-legged, black and white animal who’s perfect to name your cat after.
47. Bandit: Does your kitten always get in trouble?
48. Banner: This would make a proud name for a proud kitten.
49. Barcode: Any cat who seems to scan their environment would proudly wear this name.
50. Cappuccino: Why not name your cat after the drink?
51. Latte: If you’re not into dressing up your coffee, but still like the idea of such a name for your cat, why not go simpler?
52. Dice: Here’s a great name for any cat who doesn’t mind taking chances.
53. Klondike: Does your cat have a hard outer shell with a sweet and soft inside like this delicious ice cream?
54. Crossword: If you enjoy word games, why not name your cat after one?
55. Night: This is a bit different but you could use the name Night, referring to your cat’s black color.

Katie Cohen is a freelance writer specializing in the subject of feline health and behavior. An avid dog lover and adoring owner of two cats. When she’s not working she loves going to the park with her two Weimaraner’s Lily and Bells
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