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Best Cat Food for Maine Coons

October 23, 2018


Best Cat Food for Maine Coons

The Maine Coon breed of cat tends to be fluffy energetic and playful. This is cat beloved by many pet owners, and you need to be careful about what you are feeding yours. You may think that any cat food will be okay, but each breed of cat has specific nutritional requirements that need to be taken into consideration. We will show you what those are and give you some options for high quality cat foods that are perfect for this breed.

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Nutritional Requirements

Let’s start by talking about the specific nutrition that your cat will need to have to stay healthy and happy. All cats need protein as the ingredient in their diet. Your cat also needs some carbohydrates, fatty acids, amino acids and vitamins. It can get a lot of this from eating whole, raw meat, but other foods provide that as well.

Be sure to feed your cat only what it needs and no more. It’s easy to overfeed your cat and allow it to become overweight, but you can avoid that by dishing out only what your cat is supposed to have and limiting its meals. Cats that are seven months or younger can get as many as three meals a day and not become overweight. These growing cats need tons of food to reach their full growing potential. As the cats grow beyond that stage, though, you need to cut it back to two meals a day.

Be careful about the fillers that comprise some of the food you feed your cat. Lots of cat foods contain additives, artificial flavorings, grains, vegetables and other things that your cat cannot process or that offer nothing of value to it. Stick to the meat, few carbs and some healthy fatty acids in the food to meet your cat’s nutritional requirements.

What to Consider Before You Buy the Right Food for Your Maine Coon

You should be looking out for specific aspects in each brand of cat food you consider buying for your cat. The Maine Coon has specific requirements that need to be met, and we want you to keep these factors in mind as you are shopping for cat food:

  • Energy Needs- the Maine Coon is a high-energy cat, and you need food that can provide lots of energy for it. If there is too much starch or veggies in the cat food, then it isn’t likely to offer much in terms of nutrition. Energy from carbs is better than energy derived from excessive sugar found in low-quality products. Just don’t go too heavy on the carbs.
  • Obligate Carnivore- Whatever you buy for your cat to eat, it needs to have a lot of meat in it. That’s the primary source of nutrients and protein for cats, and if they aren’t not getting enough meat, then they will not be healthy.
  • Mix of Wet and Dry- Be sure to feed your cat both wet and dry cat food on a regular basis. The dry cat food will give it the necessary fiber and keep its teeth clean and sharp. The wet cat food gives it water and is easily digestible for a happier cat.
  • Change as Your Cat Ages- Young cats needs a lot of food, while middle aged cats only need a decent serving of protein each day and not much fat. Older casts need less protein and fewer carbs as their energy needs decrease.

What to Avoid

There are certain things that you should not feed your cat, no matter what breed it is. We will focus on the Maine Coon breed in particular here, but some of these points are simply general information that you can apply to any breed of cat.

  • Excess Fish- It can be unhealthy for your cat to eat too much fish. According to WebMD, fish is one of the foods that your cat should only get in limited quantities. We understand that cats love seafood, but it lacks nutrients they need, and you want to be careful about making it their main source of protein.
  • Starch- Your cat only needs a small amount of carbohydrates no matter what breed it is. Starchy foods like pasta and potato can weigh your cat down, making it sluggish and ultimately lead to obesity, which is a major problem for this breed.
  • Grains and Vegetables- These are common fillers in many cat food products, but they do very little for your feline friend. Be sure that they are kept to a minimum in any cat food you plan to use for your Maine Coon.
  • Processed Meat- Your cat gets very little nutritional value or protein from meat byproducts and artificially flavored meat-like ingredients. It needs wholesome, whole and raw meat products that have been processed very little to get the full nutritional value out of them. Be sure to avoid anything that advertises having meat byproducts or meat parts.

Product Reviews: Top 5 Best Rated Cat Food for Maine Coons

You might feel like you need to spend a lot of money on your beloved cat to give it the nutrition and energy it needs by buying the highest quality and most expensive cat food products you can find. That’s not necessary, though. You can find some affordable cat food that is made with great choice ingredients, and we are going to show you some of the best options available.

Holistic Select Natural Dry Cat Food

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This one can be pricey as well, but you are paying for quality, natural ingredients, which cost more than processed foods and artificial flavors. There are no fillers here, and all the high protein meat is excellent for your cat. The lack of carbs makes it ideal for cats that are overweight or that are in danger of becoming overweight.


  • Made with wholesome ingredients.
  • Contains no additives or unnatural components.
  • Great for balancing your cat’s weight.


  • Kind of expensive.

Solid Gold Shreds in Gravy Wet Cat Food

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This is a great cat food for those pickier eaters who love gravy. This product is an easy-to-digest wet canned food. The shredded flakes are good for your cat’s digestion and packed with nutrients that your cat needs. All the product components are sourced from trustworthy ingredients, making for a safe and healthy food.

Lately, there have been reports by some customers that their cats stopped liking this food after the formula was changed. Nevertheless, this can be the case as with all products – not all cats will necessarily like all the foods they are fed.


  • Cats love the texture and consistency.
  • Contains lots of nutrients.
  • Ethically sourced.


  • New formula may mean some cats don’t like it.

Wysong Uretic with Organic Chicken Feline Diet Canned Cat Food

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Wysong has created this mostly natural cat food from wholesome ingredients like organic chicken and designed it to be beneficial for your cat’s urinary tract (other options for cats with urinary tract problems here). It has all sorts of nutrients supplemented to make it a very healthy food, and it could very well help your cat to live longer than it otherwise would. The only real downside to this food is that it has some fillers, like rice, and that it is awfully expensive. It you can afford to pay the price, though, it’s a high-quality product.


  • Uses organic chicken.
  • Packed with essential nutrients.
  • Great for your cat’s urinary tract.


  • Very expensive.
  • Contains a minor quantity of fillers.

Hound & Gatos Grain Free Chicken Canned Cat Food

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Your Maine Coon should love this cat food by Hound & Gatos. While it is the most expensive cat food on this list, it contains no grains and is made from natural components. That makes it much healthier compared to what you get with most cat foods, and it is worth paying that extra money for.


  • High quality food.
  • Natural ingredients.


  • Very pricey.

Royal Canin BREED HEALTH NUTRITION Maine Coon Dry Cat Food

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It may be little pricey, but this is considered one of the best dry cat foods you can get for your Maine Coon. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get something that’s good for this breed of cat, as their nutritional needs are not super specific, but if you want to be safe, then this is definitely the way to go. It is made from chicken that is slightly processed, but it is well supplemented with all sorts of other nutrients, like Omega-3. There is carefully balanced nutrition here that makes this a good choice for this particular breed.


  • Designed specifically for the Maine Coon.
  • Meets your cat’s entire nutritional needs.
  • High quality ingredients.


  • Kind of expensive.
  • Meat products and ingredients are somewhat processed and not completely raw. Then again, this may be the case with many quality products.

Final Purrs

We hope that one of these picks will make you and your cat happy. If not, you can use this guide to sort through what is out there, until you find something healthy and appealing for your Maine Coon. Remember that not all cats are the same, and one cat loving a certain product won’t necessarily mean that other cats will like it. So, if your cat is picky about the food you feed it, just try getting another product / brand. Eventually, you will find something that your cat loves.

Katie Cohen is a freelance writer specializing in the subject of feline health and behavior. An avid dog lover and adoring owner of two cats. When she’s not working she loves going to the park with her two Weimaraner’s Lily and Bells
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