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Best Cat Food for Diarrhea

October 22, 2018


Best Cat Food for Diarrhea

When your cat has diarrhea for a few days, you need to do something about. Occasional diarrhea can be chalked up to a minor intestinal bug or some indigestion, but when the problem persists, there is likely something very wrong with your cat’s health or diet. You may be able to change your cat’s health by giving it different food. Many of the major cat food brands that people use the most are filled with manmade, artificial flavors and preservatives. These can be rough on your cat’s digestion, and over time, your cat may start to have diarrhea as a result.

We are going to show you how some specialized cat food products can be used to change your cat’s health and give you a happier, livelier, diarrhea-free feline. We will show you some of the best cat foods you could give a cat that is suffering from diarrhea and detail some other reasons why your cat may be having this problem.

Food Allergies

Some cats are allergic to certain kinds of foods. This may not be very common, but it happens enough that cat owners should consider food allergies as a potential cause for their cat having diarrhea or some other digestive problem. The most common foods that cats would be allergic to are soy, wheat, corn, potatoes, beef and seafood. They may also be intolerant of dairy, which means that it could cause them indigestion. Signs of cat food allergies include diarrhea, skin problems, constipation, and other irregular behavior. recommends that you schedule an appointment with your vet as soon as you suspect your cat may have allergies.

Causes for Cat Diarrhea

So, why is your cat having diarrhea? Let’s look at a list of the potential causes. Maybe one of these will ring a bell as something that your cat may have experienced recently.

  • Diet change– According to Pet Education, one of the top reasons why your cat could be having diarrhea is because you changed something about its diet recently
  • Parasite– Tapeworms, hookworms, cryptosporidium, tritrichomonas and other parasites can make their home in your cat’s digestive system and wreak havoc there
  • Poor dieting habits- If you cat is eating spoiled food, food that has bacteria on it or a lot of artificial substances, then it could experience diarrhea as a result
  • Environmental toxins– If your cat is exposed to toxins, such as by eating plants or by touching toxic substances, then that can irritate its digestive system
  • Medications– Some types of medications can cause hormonal changes or digestive problems for your cat
  • Obstructions in the intestines– Blockage of some kind in your cat’s intestine can lead to diarrhea as well
  • IBS– Of course, a cat with irritable bowel syndrome will show symptoms by having diarrhea and other unpleasantness

Top 5 Best Cat Food for Diarrhea: Reviews

We want to look at a few products that can help your cat feel much better by providing it with a healthy diet that is free from ingredients that can cause indigestion. Here are our top choices for dry food.

The Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Grain Free Cat Food

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The advantage of paying a bit extra for Honest Kitchen’s human grade cat food is that you get some quality assurance about the product. You know it is going be something that is stringently tested on the same order as FDA approved food for human consumption. It’s all grain free and made from carefully curated meat sources, which means that the risk for allergy triggers and food intolerance in your cat are very low. If you have a sensitive cat, this could be perfect for its indigestion problems. The manufactures also pack in lots of protein, so you don’t have to be concerned that taking out a bunch of common ingredients is making this any less nutritious for your cat.

This cat food is designed to be suitable for cats of all ages and developmental stages, providing balanced nutrition that should not need to be supplemented. Vitamins, minerals, vegetables and dehydrated meat make up a healthy and wholesome ingredient list that your cat will likely love chowing down on.


  • Made from the highest quality, human-grade ingredients
  • Packed with protein and nutrients
  • Cats usually love it


  • One of your costlier grain free options

IAMS Proactive Health Specialized Care Adult Dry Cat Food

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In order to help your cat deal with indigestion, diarrhea and other stomach issues, this cat food is packed with probiotics (for gut health) and fiber. It also boasts Vitamin E fortification, which gives the immune system a powerful boost. A lot these aspects work together to make one of the best products you can get for a cat that has been struggling with digestive problems.

The carb and protein mixture is great for your cat’s energy levels, which can get your cat back to feeling its best after struggling with a bout of diarrhea. You will probably notice a lot more pep and activity from your cat after it has been on this cat food for a little bit. The manufacturers, IAMs, also tout the more than 100 safety and health checks they have in place to ensure that this food is suitable for your cat.


  • One of the cheaper options for cat food to help with your pet’s diarrhea
  • Undergoes rigorous safety checking
  • High fiber content


  • May be too strong for some cats
  • The flavor may not appeal to pickier cats


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Specially designed for digestive problems, this cat food is made for cats who need some extra fiber in their diet and who lack the proper nutrition of a balanced diet. Cats with diarrhea tend to get better quickly with this high-grade cat food, which is also formulated for easy absorption. That means that the vitamins and minerals contained in this product are absorbed into the body quickly and used to their full potential.

This cat food is all about promoting healthy bacteria in the stomach. We often think of bacteria as something bad, but cats’ bodies need a balance of good and bad bacteria in their stomach to be healthy and to have robust immune systems. That’s is exactly what Royal Canin is doing with this specialized pet food.


  • Promotes healthy stomach flora
  • Eliminates diarrhea quickly and effectively, in most cases
  • Easy on cats with sensitive digestive systems


  • The natural ingredients may not be to every cat’s liking

Wet cat food options to help with your cat’s diarrhea

Hill’s Science Diet Sensitive Stomach & Skin Canned Cat Food

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One thing a cat suffering through diarrhea needs is food that is easy to digest and gentle on its stomach, and that’s exactly what Hill’s Science is providing here. The formula consists of zero artificial flavors and preservatives, and it is packed with antioxidants. All of these health benefits are excellent for cats that have had digestion problems.

The ingredients in Hill’s Science cat food are meant to promote a balanced diet and healthy skin and fur. Cats who have been eating poorly and who are looking thin or have patchy fur should appear far healthier after being on this food for a short while. It’s also made without the use of many ingredients that could cause an allergic reaction in sensitive cats or lead to food intolerance over time.


  • Great for cats with digestive issues
  • Gentle on your cat’s stomach
  • Lots of nutritional value


  • The lack of artificial flavorings can be unappealing to some cats and take a while for them to get used to

ZiwiPeak Canned Cat Cuisine

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ZiwiPeak has created a wet cat food that is perfect for dealing with all sorts of health problems your cat may have. The gentle formula is fortified with a number of vitamins to keep your cat from becoming ill, but it also is made without a lot other ingredients that could upset your cat’s stomach or trigger sensitivities.

Now, this is one of the more expensive options you will find for cats with sensitive stomachs. However, many pet owners find that ZiwiPeak is worth paying extra for because of how well their cats take to it and how beneficial it is to the health of their cats. ZiwiPeak uses whole meat and organs to gives your cat a balanced and nutritious diet and to appeal to your cat’s tastes. Most cats will take to this food very quickly, which means you should start to see positive results in your cat’s health very soon after introducing this food to your pet.


  • Provides balanced nutrition
  • Most cats love it
  • Includes high quality meat and organs


  • Kind of expensive, even among sensitive stomach cat food

Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Duck & Green Pea Formula Wet Cat Food

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This grain free wet cat food uses very limited ingredients to be gentle on your cat’s stomach. It also has undergone serious safety testing, as Natural Balance’s website details for you. This cat food has been specially formulated to give your cat all the nutrition it needs, providing a balanced meal to cats of all ages, sizes and development stages. It is fortified with a number of vitamins and minerals to help your cat stay healthy and to have healthy hair and skin.

The minimal number of ingredients in this cat food ensures that there is no room for manmade additives and artificial colorings and flavors. That all-natural formulation is excellent for cats that need a change in diet because of stomach issues.


  • Great for cats suffering from indigestion or diarrhea
  • Tested thoroughly to ensure safety
  • Made without the use of grains and allergy-triggering foods


  • Natural ingredients may be unappealing to your cat at first


Once you get your cat on a healthy diet using one of these foods or other similar choices, you should start to see a difference very quickly. Your cat should stop having diarrhea and should feel and look better. Cats that have been suffering from food allergies, food intolerance or digestive issues for a long period of time tend to look emaciated, have patchy hair and have low energy levels. All of that should change once your cat is eating a healthy diet.

If you don’t see improvement after a short period of time, you should consult your veterinarian for professional advice about what to do next. Not all cats will take to these foods right away, and you may need to give your cat a few weeks to adjust to the new flavors and change the food is having on their bodies as they become healthier and toxins are forced out of them. Give your cat time to grow used to the food and consider introducing it slowly so as not to upset their stomach more.


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