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101 badass names for your kitten

October 23, 2018


101 badass names for your kitten

Have you been thinking of giving your cat a really hardcore and bad-ass name? Giving your beloved kitten a name can be really hard especially when you try to match it with their intense spirit and personality. Let us narrow down a list of 101 bad-ass kitten names to help you with your choice.

Names Based on Character

1) Attrox – derived from the word atrocity, only for the scariest cats out there.
2) Jigsaw – from the movie Jigsaw, a character that wants to play games all the time… deadly games…
3) Narcissus – from greek mythology referring to someone who loves himself more than other things, in case your kitten keeps staring at the mirror!
4) Rakkaus – means love in Finnish, but in a really ”macho” tone.
5) Colombus – only for the kittens that seem to be discovering new things all the time.
6) Odysseus – Odysseus was said to be the smartest person in the Greek mythology’s universe.
7) Αres – the greek god of war and fighting, if your cat wants to fight that thread you keep moving over its head!
8) Emperor – if your cats looks like an aristocrat.
9) Houdini – for the mysterious type kittens that always seem to be planning something!
10) Zorro – which in Spanish means fox…. really smart and slick creature while so beautiful as well.
11) Lecter – Hannibal Lecter was a flesh eating human but he was one of the smartest as well, perfect for a kitten!
12) Lightning – natural phenomenon of tremendous speed, only for the fastest kittens out there.
13) Chewy – if your little kitten seems to by chewing everything around the house.
14) Hercules – for a kitten that lacks fear and wants to face whatever comes ahead of it.

Names Based on Movie Characters

15) Everdeen – for a female kitten that would even kill for a little tuna. Based on the movie ”Hunger games”.
16) Rambo – Rambo is perhaps the most-badass character in the action movie ”Rambo”.
17) Snap – the dark arts master from Hogwarts, ”Harry potter” movies.
18) Thor – the hammer-wielding blonde god from Norwegian Mythology based “Thor” movies.
19) Negan – Negan is the most badass character, undoubtedly since the beginning of the series ”The walking dead”.
20) Aragorn – the main protagonist and savior of the middle earth in “Lord of the Rings”.  21)Jack Sparrow – the always – escaping crazy pirate that fears nothing and no man, from the movie ”Pirates of the Caribbean”.
22) Catman -a funny approach to the badass character Batman.
23) Mad Max – What is there to say?!? He is mad at the maximum level! From the ”Mad Max” movie.
24) Norris – does it get any more bad–ass than that?
25) Lee – named after the Kung Fu master Bruce Lee.
26) Liam – in the movie “Taken” his daughter was kidnapped he showed no remorse for criminals.
27) Ice Cube – name your kitty after the well-known badass rapper.

28) Darth Vader – even if he was a bad guy, we have to acknowledge him as one the most hardcore characters in the universe in the movie ”Star Wars”.
29) Wonder Woman – comes from the movie by marvel comics ”Wonder Woman”.
30) Alice – not from Alice in Wonderland, but from Alice in the deadmans land, ”Resident evil”!
31) Black Widow – based on the widow from the marvel movie that stars in the ”Avengers”.
32) Bride – hope your name is not bill though! Derived from ”Kill Bill” Movies.
33) Blackpool – the vigilante with the full-body suit from the “Blackpool” movie. DAMN he’s BADDASS!

Popular kitten names

34) Katana – a type of sword used by the samurais.
35) Fate – your fate is sealed with a bad-ass kitty called by this name.
36) Ghost – the badass character from the video game ”Call of Duty”.
37) Tiger – the largest and scariest cat out there.
38) Simba – it’s usually connected to Simba from the Disney movie “The Lion King”.
39) Shadow – what is lurking in the shadows? Nothing, it’s just your cat…
40) Leonidas – the bad-ass Spartan general.
41) Phoenix – when your cat rises from the sand of its box.
42) Delilah – a biblical figure known for hunting.
43) Leo –quite a catchy name, can be referring to the lion – king of the jungle!
44) Loki – the God of Mischief in Norse mythology. Quite the bad-ass.
45) Creed – not referring to a religious dogma but to the assassins, from “Assassins Creed”.
46) Hephaestus – the Greek God of wine, also makes weapons for all the other gods and generally having fun.
47) Casper – named after Casper the ghost.
48) Tupac – the famous rapper, who was a real bad-ass.
49) Milo – the adventurous cat from that old movie. This one really is classical name.
50) Nyan – based on the Nyan Cat video on Youtube.
51) Sylvester – named after action movie actor Sylvester Stalone.
52) Nala  -Simba’s friend in “The Lion King”.
53) Yin/Yang – a really cool…or should we say 2 really cool names for your kittens.
54) Dante – named after the famous Italian poet.

Names Based On Color

55) Snow – obviously for a white kitten, sounds great!
56) Smoke – mostly for a grey kittens but could work also for a white one.
57) Dusty – for a Grey or brown kitten.
58) Rustfur – the name says it all. A kitten who’s fur has a rusty color.
59) Emberor – from the word ”Ember-or”, perfect for a kitten with orange fur.
60) Lotus – lotus flowers are really cool and come in a lot of colors.
61) Lucifer – for a black, dark colored kitten!
62) Hades – the Greek god of the underworld, making it perfect for a black kitten.
63) Midnight – straight to the point, this cool-sounding name is perfect for a black one.
64) Sunrise – the opposite of the previous name, perfect match for a kitten with blonde fur.
65) Copper – if your cat has that rusty color effect this name is perfect.
66) Dracula – a dark being, even though Dracula’s cape had also red and white in it…so it’s your choice!
67) Raven – ravens are mostly dark so it’s pretty much for a dark kitten.
68) Yeti – yetis are a legend but in most stories are depicted as white.
69) Raya – this name is perfect for a cat with stripes, as it means ”striped” in Spanish.
70) Firefur – a really nice name referring to an orange haired cat.
71) Midas – from Greek mythology a god that whatever he touched became gold. For a golden haired kitten.
72) Azul – Azul is an Arabic name meaning the blue of the sky. It mostly refers to your kitten’s eyes.
73) Jett – which in Arabic means stone…perfect name for a grey kitten.
74) Xanthe – while quite exotic it means yellow, so it’s the perfect match for a yellow kitten.
75) Pika – referring to the all favorite Pokémon Pikachu with its yellow/golden hair.
76) Trooper – named after the stormtroopers from “Star Wars” and their white suits.
77) Blackenstein – a really funny pun to the ”Frankenstein” character, really fits a dark haired kitten.
78) Wallas – named after the historical figure of William Wallas who was said to have a face painted in blue and white. So perfect for a white kitten with blue eyes.

79) Milkyway – your kitten will have the epicenes of a galaxy and the color milk!
80) Blizzard – a hardcore natural phenomenon for a grey or white kitten.
81) Teddy Broar – if your kitten has brown fur of a bear and likes to roarrrrr then that’s the name for it.
82) Amun-ra – Egyptian god of sun. Either for a golden haired kitten or an orange one referring to the orange desserts of Egypt.

Names Based On Appearance

83) Scarface – perfect if your kitten has a distinctive characteristic on its face.
84) Spotty – a smart name for a cat that has spots on its body.
85) Splatters – referring to a splatter effect on its body Or a bloody massacre, We will never know… How murderous is you little kitty?!?
86) Da Jiao – in Chinese it means ”big foot”.
87) M&M –  if your cat has a lot of colors covering its fur.
88) Goliath – for a big in size kitten.
89) Frodo – a short and adventurous hobbit from the Tolken’s “Lord of the Rings”.

Also we would like to dedicate some names to really special kittens that have a really unique appearance, due to genetic traits that make them look special and secretly our little favorites!

Polydactyl Cats

90) Thumbs – thumbs up to every polydactyl kitten out there, you are awesome!
91) Many Toes – there is more of them to hug and cuddle.
92) 2Toes – meaning too many toes! Absolutely lovable!

Three Legged Cats

93) Lucky – 3 is considered a lucky number in various cultures!
94) Threepaw – what is there to say, your beloved kitten has a badass name that refers to the movie “Southpaw”.
95) Michelangelo – or pretty much anyone of the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” with 3 fingers in each hand!

Odd Eye-Cats

96) Μarbles – Marbles come in different colors and are all beautiful. As is your kitten!
97) Portal – referring to the portal video game with the orange/blue portals.
98) Avatar – Avatar could control the elements and thus combining many colors of the nature.

And last but not least a special breed of cats with no fur (Sphynx cats). Their look is already badass but here are a couple of names to match it:

99) Pharaoh – driving us back to ancient Egypt, pharaoh was the ruler of every Egyptian and was considered to be a living god.
100) Kamilah – if your cat was not already perfect. You can name it ”perfect” in Egyptian.
101) Horus – Horus was the god of the heavens. Perfect name for a Sphynx cat.

Katie Cohen is a freelance writer specializing in the subject of feline health and behavior. An avid dog lover and adoring owner of two cats. When she’s not working she loves going to the park with her two Weimaraner’s Lily and Bells
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