55 Names for Black and White Cats

Naming your cat is as important as naming your kid. You’ll want to find a name that fits both their character and their looks. With this in mind, here are 55 great black and white kitten names.

  1. Sylvester: Remember the famous Looney Toons cat who chased Tweety around?
  2. Felis: The most famous cat from the silent film era makes your cat’s name infamous.
  3. Figaro: Sweet name from Pinocchio’s own cat.
  4. Socks: Chelsea Clinton named her cat this while in the White House.
  5. Penguin: This is just a fun, sweet name.
  6. Puffin: Another bird offers your cat a sweet name.
  7. Zebra: Black and white animal you can name your cat after.
  8. Orca: If you have a big cat, here’s a big name for him.
  9. Whaley: Thinking along the same lines of a killer whale, how about another whale name?
  10. Shamu: This is a famous whale name from Sea World.
  11. Panda: Do you have a cute kitten and want a cute name?
  12. Skunk: Although this isn’t the nicest name, it’s funny.
  13. Pepe Le Pew: Dress up the name Skunk and make it a bit more loving with this name.
  14. Pongo: Are you in love with Disney? Then why not name your cat after the father of the 101 Dalmations.
  15. Snoopy: Here’s an ironic name for your cat from an iconic dog.
  16. Mickey: How funny would it be to name your cat after this famous mouse?
  17. Minie: Just in case you like the idea of the name “Mickey,” but have a female kitten.
  18. Oreo: This is a delicious name for a cookie and a cat.
  19. Sundae: Here’s a sweet, fun name for any cat.
  20. Cookie: Here we’re thinking about chocolate chip cookies, a combination of light, and dark.
  21. Pepper: Saltman: Here’s a fun play on two spices – salt and pepper.
  22. Spot: If your cat has black and white spots in their fur, this is a cute play on that.
  23. Dot: This is a great name for a female cat with spots.
  24. Freckles: This is adorable for black and white cats with a freckled pattern.
  25. Patches: Does your black and white cat look like he has patches?
  26. Inky: This is a great name for a white cat with black markings that look like ink blots.
  27. Junior Mint: This candy’s name makes for a cool name for a small, sweet cat.
  28. Peppermint Patty: Another classic candy that makes a great name for a sweet girl cat.
  29. Tuxedo: These suits are typically black and white and you could even call your cat “Tux” for short.
  30. Checkers: Any cat who loves to play games would enjoy being named after a classic game.
  31. Ying Yang: Does your cat have both a naughty and a nice side?
  32. Spade: Here’s a sharp name for a male cat.
  33. Cruella: Why not name your naughty black and white, female cat after this villain from 101 Dalmations?
  34. Charlie Chaplin: This is a name that’s almost synonymous with black and white movies and so well fitting for a black and white cat.
  35. Domino: Here’s a fun name for a black and white spotted cat.
  36. Keys: We’re thinking about piano keys, which would make this name great for a music lover.
  37. Harlequin: Does your cat have a bold diamond print like the name of this design?
  38. Jeeves: If you want a sophisticated name, this is it.
  39. Bowtie: In the same way as “Tuxedo” makes a great boy name, “Bowtie” makes a great girl name.
  40. Butler: Here’s a perfect name for any cat who aims to please.
  41. Keyboard: Why not put a more modern spin on the name “Piano?”
  42. Dalmation: With all the talk about 101 Dalmations, why not use this name?
  43. Eight Ball: Here is a name for anyone who enjoys a great game of pool.
  44. Chickadee: If you or your kitten are enthralled with birds, here’s a name for you.
  45. Almond Joy: Anyone who enjoys candy will enjoy this sweet cat name.
  46. Badger: This is another short-legged, black and white animal who’s perfect to name your cat after.
  47. Bandit: Does your kitten always get in trouble?
  48. Banner: This would make a proud name for a proud kitten.
  49. Barcode: Any cat who seems to scan their environment would proudly wear this name.
  50. Cappucino: Why not name your cat after a delicious drink?
  51. Latte: If you’re not into dressing up your coffee, but still like the idea of such a name for your cat, why not go simpler?
  52. Dice: Here’s a great name for any cat who doesn’t mind taking chances.
  53. Klondike: Does your cat have a hard outer shell with a sweet spot inside like this delicious ice cream?
  54. Crossword: If you enjoy word games, why not name your cat after one?
  55. Night: This is a bit different but you could use the name Night, representing your cat’s black, and alluding to the white of day.


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